United Airlines has its largest-ever schedule planned this summer to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With 15,640 departing flights across the remaining summer season (May 11th and October 29th), it is the largest operator between the US and these areas, overtaking the former leader, Delta.

United has 79 routes, up from 65 in the comparable period in 2019. It has up to 97 daily departures, a rise from a maximum of 81 in S19. It has introduced large numbers of new airport pairs and multiple airports have joined its network: Amman, Bergen, Nice, Palma, Ponta Delgada, and Tenerife South.

United’s transatlantic flights are from eight US hubs. That’s one more than in S19 thanks to the reintroduction of Boston-London Heathrow. Here’s a breakdown of its network between May 11th and October 29th.

The B757-200 is used on 14 routes. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

Newark has 31 routes

With 6,298 transatlantic departures across the rest of the summer season, Newark remains United’s primary transatlantic gateway. Flights have increased by a whopping 20% ‚Äč‚Äčover the comparable pre-pandemic period, cementing the airport’s position in its long-haul network.

It has 31 routes and up to 39 daily departures, with the B767-300ER very much the leading aircraft, especially in the 167-seat premium layout.

There’s no more Prague or Stockholm (now served through SAS), but there are various new services (eg Palma, Ponta Delgada, Tenerife) and higher frequencies (eg Dublin and Rome up to 2x daily, London an extra 2x daily). United has flights to the following destinations:

  1. Amsterdam: 1x daily; variously B767-400ER, B777-200ER, B787-10
  2. Athens: 1x daily B787-10
  3. Barcelona: 1x daily B767-400ER
  4. Berlin: 1x daily; variously B767-300ER, B767-400ER
  5. Bergen: 3x weekly B757-200
  6. Brussels: 1x daily; variously B777-300ER, B787-10
  7. Cape Town: 3x weekly B787-9
  8. Dubrovnik: 4x weekly B767-300ER
  9. Dublin: 2x daily; 1x daily variously B777-200ER / B767-400ER / B767-300ER, 1x daily B757-200
  10. Edinburgh: 1x daily B757-200
  11. Frankfurt: 2x daily from August; then, 1x daily B777-300ER, 1x daily B767-300ER
  12. Geneva: 1x daily B767-300ER
  13. Johannesburg: 1x daily B787-9
  14. Keflavik: 1x daily B757-200
  15. London Heathrow: 7x daily B767-300ER
  16. Lisbon: 1x daily B787-10
  17. Madrid: 1x daily B767-400ER
  18. Milan Malpensa: 1x daily B767-300ER
  19. Munich: 1x daily B767-300ER
  20. Naples: 1x daily B767-300ER service
  21. Nice: 1x daily B767-300ER
  22. Palm tree: 3x weekly B767-300ER
  23. Paris CDG: 2x daily from July; then, 1x daily B777-300ER, 1x daily B767-300ER
  24. Ponta Delgada: 1x daily from June, B737 MAX 8
  25. Port: 1x daily B757-200
  26. Rome: 2x daily from July; then, 1x daily B777-300ER, 1x daily B777-200ER
  27. Shannon: 1x daily B757-200
  28. Tenerife South: 3x weekly B757-200
  29. Tel Aviv: 2x daily B787-10
  30. Venice: 1x daily; variously B767-300ER, B767-400ER
  31. Zurich: 1x B767-300ER

Image: GCMap.

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